THE GYM


Following René Magritte's motto ‘Ceci n'est pas une pipe’, Super Nase & Co establish a reality of absurdity to reduce and dissolve all aesthetic and artistic demands of the audience. The types of presentation range from dance to performance, re-enactment, happening, installation, sculpture, land art and photographic works. There are no restrictions of expression, they copy, mix, deconstruct and twist. They do not reflect reality - they are the reality of this reflection.

Super Nase & Co use famous performances by various artists and pop art icons, works of art or nonsense, found objects from digital worlds and anything else that comes to mind in a day, which are put under the surrealist-dadaist-situationist microscope. The result of this research is not a product, but a process in which the concept of performance or artwork is expanded and at the same time it is demonstrated that this artistic representation is not the art itself.

Super Nase & Co now count over 90 works in their ten-year existence. Due to this abundance of works, they have repeatedly been forced to open their own SUPERNOSEUM.︎︎︎