THE GYM


is a production management office for cross-disciplinary performing arts founded in 2018.

We accompany and support outstanding artists in their work. In addition, we develop our own projects in various constellations and collaborations. At the very heart of our efforts is always the question of how we can best support a work, an artist, a production, a process. And do our part to make exciting, inspiring art.

Building on years of experience in a wide variety of contexts, we cover the full range of needs that arise in the production process, in touring and on site. We pay attention to a responsible use of resources. We have an appetite for the unknown, for people, long-standing working relationships, communication at eye level and for that special something that cannot be named.

We feel at home everywhere: black box, white cube, public space. In the club, the void, the wild. It doesn't matter. Yet it does matter. We keep things going. We love what we do. We are your partner in crime.