THE GYM


Rude performance art, sonic violence, nudities, dirt, digital madness and fun! Fuckhead started out as an industrial music duo in 1988. Since then, Fuckhead have performed with different line-ups and setups in squats, regular clubs and art spaces all over Europe and the world.

Somehow always too arty and irritating for the underground, but too dirty punk for the art scene, the band started in the 90s to work on ironic, grotesque stage choreographies and performances which still today shape the unique character of their live shows. For three decades now, Fuckhead have gone their own, non-conformist way and their performances are hard to beat in terms of brutality, intensity and physicality.

Expressive and extreme, they celebrate the play with macho stereotypes, deliberate taste violations and visually stunning performance rituals. Nonconformity and the freedom to do as they please are at the heart of their artistic work. Ladies and gentlemen, androids and drones, please welcome Fuckhead!︎︎︎     @fuckheadband︎︎︎