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Frida Robles, born in Mexico City, is an artist and curator based in Vienna. She situates her practice within the philosophy of the essay – that to say a series of trials and errors – with a focus on site-specificity. Her artistic practice has varied from public art installations to performances to textual work.

She has continued her practice through exhibitions, several artist in residence programs and fellowship programs like the RAW Academy and the Young Creators Program of FONCA. Together with Lasse Mouritzen, she created the site-specific installation ‘This place is intentionally left blank’.

Recently she realised her latest work ‘Sessions with Frida: a performance on the possibilities of healing’ which revolved around a live psychoanalysis session. Frida Robles is interested in challenging the borders of what is private and public, especially in connection to emotions, which she views as an important question mark to nowadays Western society.︎︎︎︎︎︎   facebook︎︎︎