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The Gym is a hybrid place that combines exhibition, trainings and performances and can be perceived as a counterproject to stereotypical body cultures, market-conforming standardization and other forms of neoliberal self-optimization. A diverse training program with Weekly Classes, extensive Sunday Sessions and Mental Workouts form the vibrant core of the project. Together with around 40 participating artists, trainers and performers, The Gym expands the range of motion of inclusive body politics and non-toxic fitness, strengthens the mind-muscle connection and offers resistance training for body, mind and soul. Pleasure included!


The Gym trains our physical and mental capacity for resistance in the sense of a joyful activism and calls for the individual and collective re-appropriation of body and mind. The exhibition presents positions by Anna Ehrenstein, Eisa Jocson, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Howardena Pindell, Karin Ferrari, Kubra Khademi, Mel Baggs, Philipp Muerling, Sophia Süßmilch, Suzanne Lacy, Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi, Tianzhuo Chen, VALIE EXPORT. In their respective practices, the artists dive below the surface and search for strategies and logics of resistance in order to break up power structures, to disrupt and challenge mechanisms of seeing and perception. The artistic works understand protest as a training program for the body, take patriarchal and colonial body images apart, or play with elements from the fitness industry and question them in the context of a neoliberal understanding of spirituality.


The Gym offers a variety of workouts with numerous training sessions. Weekly Classes stimulate the body through practices such as Calisthenics, Yoga, Pilates and Animal Flow, among others. Sunday Sessions offer intensive workshops as one-day formats from Yoggaton to Transformational Breathing, while Mental Workouts pump up the mind to expand capillaries and perspectives. No special prior experience is necessary. The trainings are designed to be both supportive and challenging for all, and anyone can participate.

Weekly Classes

Calisthenics Workout
Fran Klein

Wednesday, 17.00 – 18.30
Dates: 2.11., 9.11., 16.11., 23.11., 30.11.
Max. 15 participants

Calisthenics is considered a form of street workout, which is characterized by easy accessibility. In this class we will do a full body strength workout and approach learning skills like the L-Sit and the Elbow-Lever. Fran is a qualified fitness and personal trainer in Vienna and has specialised in strength training with her own body weight. As a queer person Fran
tries to help other people navigate through the toxic fitness culture and gain more control
over their own body and its agency.

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Self Defense Basics
Puti Kaisar Mihara

Wednesday, 19.00 – 20.30
Dates: 2.11., 9.11., 16.11., 23.11., 30.11.
Max. 15 participants

Puti is a martial arts trainer, dancer, model and actress. She is a Grandmaster (Pendekar) in PMG=Sentak, a traditional art of self-defense developed exclusively from observing the animal and plant life of West Sumatra in Indonesia. In her class, Puti teaches the basic elements of self-defence, the strengthening of one's own defences through harmonious movements and targeted breathing techniques, and self-defence against external attacks through effective techniques aimed at diverting or deflecting the opponent's force.

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Yoga with Mwoyo*
mirabella paidamwoyo* dziruni

Thursday, 17.00 – 18.30
Dates: 3.11., 10.11., 17.11., 24.11., 1.12.
Max. 15 participants

Mwoyo* is a certified yoga trainer, performer and visual artist. In her course, Mwoyo* focuses primarily on the conscious execution of movements in order to make the inner connections of muscles and synapses perceptible. Staying in different positions for a longer period of time, slowing down movements and conscious breathing help to focus on one's own body. And sometimes, while Afrobeat is playing in the background, the simplest exercise can become a great challenge: Don't do anything. Just rest.

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Freestyle Journey
Karin Cheng

Thursday, 19.00 – 20.30
Dates: 3.11., 10.11., 17.11., 24.11., 1.12.
Max. 15 participants

Together with Karin we will dive into the magic of freestyle and play with character, groove, emotions and forms. In this way, blockades will be released, potentials will be uncovered and one's own body language will be expanded in moments of improvisation. As an artistic creator through movement and music, Karin strives to live, celebrate and respect individual and cultural diversity. She is the "mother" of the Kiki House of Dive and founder of frisch getanzt - always aiming to articulate and amplify the voices of niche communities.

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From Disco to House
Romy Kolb

Friday, 17.00 – 18.30
Dates: 4.11., 11.11., 18.11., 25.11., 2.12.

Max. 15 participants

Romy works as an independent dance maker. In her work with people, the free and playful approach to dance is very important to her and invites you to a rhythmic journey through music history and your own body. Musically accompanied by disco and house music, movement patterns are trained that one usually knows from the club. The aim is to sweat together through repetition of the movements, regardless of whether you have previous knowledge or not.

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Betül Seyma Küpeli

Friday,19.00 – 20.30
Dates: 4.11., 11.11., 18.11., 25.11., 2.12.
Max. 15 participants

Betül is a visual artist, trained Pilates and functional trainer and has many years of experience as an individual coach and group trainer. Pilates is a systematic full body training of the musculature, in which breathing and movement are brought into harmony. The focus of the training is on the body's core, pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles. Centering, concentration, control and flow: the varied activation of the 'core' strengthens flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination and balance and ensures an optimal (body) posture.

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Functional Patterns:
Roman Kettner

Samstag 17.00 – 18.30
Dates: 5.11., 12.11., 19.11., 26.11., 3.12.
Max. 15 participants

Functional training integrates several muscles and muscle groups at the same time and aims to sensitize the own body perception and to develop more stability and an improved coordination ability. Beyond work - life balance, no muscle is isolated in this class and so you can train functional movement sequences with Roman aka "The Kong" and further develop strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.

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Animal Flow
Samantha Petz

Samstag 19.00 – 20.30
Dates: 5.11., 12.11., 19.11., 26.11., 3.12.
Max. 15 participants

Animal Flow is an innovative fitness program that combines ground-based movements with elements from various bodyweight training disciplines to create a fun, challenging workout with an emphasis on multi-planar, fluid movements. Based on the ABC of animal movement forms, Animal Flow helps increase mobility, flexibility, stability, strength, endurance, agility and neuromuscular communication. Sam is an Animal Flow coach, instructor/regional leader for Vienna, Austria and functional trainer.

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Sunday Sessions


Maque Pereyra

Sunday 6.11., 13.00 – 17.00
Max. 15 participants

Yoggaton is the intersection of yoga and reggaeton and spiritual and pleasure activism to decolonize bodies and challenge binaries. This movement practice works on/with/from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. In this session we will connect with our breath, music and our butts. Maque is a Berlin based multidisciplinary artist, dancer, DJ and music producer whose work is about empowerment through pleasure, healing and spirituality and knowledge production with and through the body.

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Adil Embaby & Silke Grabinger

Sunday13.11., 13:00 – 17:00
Max. 20 participants

Adil and Silke are two urban performers who together seek and implement access to dance with the wheelchair. Based on techniques of urban dance styles and influences of hip hop,they try to bring rhythm and individual style closer to the participants in an improvisational way. Adil and Silke put a lot of emphasis on strengthening the self-confidence and the own presentation as well as on the reflection in the group.

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Eisa Jocson

Sunday 20.11., 13:00 – 17:00
Max. 25 participants

ZOOba! is a training in embodied empathy that focuses on human movement and the repetitive actions of animals in small enclosures. By transforming this vocabulary into a fitness class format, it is a physical confrontation with the enclosures humans have built for others and for themselves. Eisa is a choreographer and dancer from the Philippines who exposes the body politics in the service and entertainment industries through the socio-economic lens of the Philippines. In all her creations - from pole to macho dance and from Disney princess to superwoman and zoo animals - capital is the driving force of movement, pushing the unwilling body into spatial geographies.

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Transformational Breathing
Songül Cinar

Sunday 27.11., 13:00 – 17:00, Session 1: 13:00 – 14:30 / Session 2: 15:30 – 17:00
Max. 10 participants per session

Transformational Breath is a very effective and holistic breathing technique. It is practiced with the mouth open while lying down and to music, in a flow and without pause. This technique has the effect of releasing negative emotions, blockages and beliefs in a short time. The session will be led by Songül, who after ten challenging years at work, burnout and after her own personal transformation through breathing, decided to train as a certified meditation and breathing teacher and transformational breathing coach and to found Aura Atem.

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Vogue and Ballroom 101
Ivy Monteiro

Sunday 4.12., 13:00–17:00

In this workshop talk, Ivy Monteiro aka Tropikahl Ivy St. Laurent Poderosa invites the inexperienced but interested audience to dive into the system, ethics, jargon and culture of the ballroom mixed with basic body movement. This workshop focuses on BIPOCS, but not only, so pay attention to the space created for this event. Ivy is a performer, spiritual researcher, community leader, event producer, mother of a Vogue House, and choreographer. Within these professions, Ivy has developed practices and performative roles in dance, club culture, community building, and activism.

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Mental Workouts

I Will Greet the Sun Again
Kubra Khademi

Sunday 6.11., 18.00

I Will Greet The Sun Again is a performative presentation in which Afghan feminist artist Kubra Khademi introduces her life and works, blurring the lines between what we call intimacy and what can be said in public. She presents a series of her drawings depicting different narratives of female representation, while also revealing her own narratives connected to her very personal story.

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Life of a Fighter
Ahmet “Ronin” Simsek

Sunday13.11., 18:00 Uhr

Ahmet is a professional boxer and MMA fighter, soldier and actor. Since 2010 he has had more than 100 fights in various martial arts and is a multiple state champion in K-1 and Olympic boxing. Always looking for new challenges, Ahmet talks in this Mental Workout about his athletic career and the physical and mental challenges of fighting in and out of the ring.

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The marginalized body
Ina Holub

Sunday 20.11., 18:00 Uhr

Ina is a fat homosexual activist and lives together with her wife in Vienna. On Instagram, in texts and interviews in print media and TV, she writes and talks about her own experiences with multiple discrimination and educates about fat acceptance and queer bodypositivity. In this Mental Workout on marginalization and body politics, Ina focuses on different forms of discrimination and their structural causes, thus analyzing how they express themselves on the perception of one's own body.

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Mr. Move it!

Sunday 27.11., 18:00

Masara Dziruni, also known as Mr. Move-it, is a certified trainer with over 30 years of practical experience. For the past 10 years, his focus has not been exclusively on physical movement, but primarily on combining it with mindset training. In his Mental Workout Mr. Move it! shares his philosophy, methods and practice and opens up ways and means for the participants to ignite the motivation for self-inspiration.

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Who cares?
Marissa Lobo

Sunday 4.12., 18:00

With who cares? after five intense weeks of The Gym, Marissa offers a final Mental Workout about caring and a politics of affection as a way to artistic practices of daily life for collective and community and as a reinvention of forms of joy. Marissa is a performer, freelance curator, cultural agitator, creative thinker, singer in the shower, born in the caatinga of Bahia, cooks a great banana moqueca, loves to confabulate collective projects. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and realized numerous projects aiming at intersectional practices.

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In addition to the opening performance with Faris Cuchi & Mzamo Nondlwana, The Gym will show performances by Tamara Alegre/Marga Alfeirão/Cuba, Hyeji Nam, God's Entertainment, Denise Palmieri & Myassa Kraitt and Geumhyung Jeong on Fridays and Saturdays. Some of the works were developed at the invitation of The Gym and, in various forms, make the body the center of the action.

Faris Cuchi & Mzamo Nondlwana

Wednesday 2.11., 21:00 
Admission free

For the opening of The Gym, Faris Cuchi and Mzamo Nondlwana formulate with OPERATION DOLLZZ an artistic - performative critique of a gay 'Gym Culture' as a politics of desire and visibility within the LGBTQIA* community. This culture, once used as a resistant tool, reproduces the same exclusionary and discriminatory mechanisms of a heteronormative gym culture that it once opposed. Dazzling and subversive, with glitter and incense, Faris &Mzamo take over the space, break down visual habits, and put the aesthetics of trans/NB/GNC and femme bodies front and center. They are here to conquer this gym!

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Tamara Alegre, Marga Alfeirão, Cuba

Friday 4.11. and Saturday 5.11., 21:00

THE WARM UP results from The Gym's invitation to us, Tamara Alegre, Marga Alfeirão and Cuba. You could also call it THE WARM UP vs. THE SHOW. The quest here comes from experiencing a certain vibe, high energy, freedom, connection and pleasure in warming up vs performing (we are speaking from personal experience here) Not that we don't find joy and vibes in performing, but there is a friction in the contrast of different work formats and the relationship with the audience/witnesses that we would like to dive into. We want to resonate with how we experience culture and art and find ways to position ourselves within it.

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TOUCHED – Techno flesh
Hyeji Nam

Friday 11.11. and Saturday 12.11., 21:00

Flesh /Techno flesh / Flesh, flesh… Welcome to the surreal world of A body. TOUCHED is an invitation to enter the sphere of the senses. Whether soft and delicate or abrupt and powerful, in this performance everything merges into poetic gestures created by the flesh. Building on 4-to-the-floor beats, interdisciplinary artist Hyeji Nam experiments with new ways of musical technology, using the mechanisms of the human body to dissect our senses.

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Bodies & Buildings
God’s Entertainment

Friday 18.11. and Saturday 19.11., 21.00

God's Entertainment, in Wien beheimatetes enfant terrible der Performancekunst, präsentiert mit Bodies & Buildings eine Performance, die eher kommunikativer Muskel als soziale Plastik ist und die expansiven Kontrollmechanismen über die Körper herausfordert, aus und auf denen sich eine Gesellschaft konstituiert. Was tun,
wenn nicht nur das Wohnviertel, sondern
gleich noch der eigene Körper gentrifiziert werden soll und es plötzlich heißt: Dein Körper ist mein Haus und daraus ziehst du bald aus!

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Denise Palmieri & Myassa Kraitt

Friday 11/25 and Saturday 11/26, 21:00

With their performance fuckyeahspace, Denise Palmieri and Myassa Kraitt open spaces to warm up consciousness. It is the opening of a space for alternative ways, a space to be, create, live, heal and ultimately curate from healing. The performers weave words into an altar of movement, echoing the "herstories" within it, telling stories that are uniquely ours. Denise Palmieri is an artist, performer and curator from Brazil, currently living in Vienna. Myassa Kraitt is an artist and performer. As performative rap figure KDM Queen of Power, she works at the intersections of rap, performance and theatre.

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Artist Talk
Geumhyung Jeong

Friday 2.12. and Saturday 3.12., 21:00

Choreographer and performer Geumhyung Jeong talks about her experiences on stage through the event called "Artist Talk" Geumhyung Jeong creates works at the intersection of choreography, performance and visual art and is one of South Korea's most idiosyncratic and advanced artistic voices. International museums, festivals and theatres regularly present her work. Most recently, Impulstanz presented a showcase of her work at the 2022 Festival.

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Soho Studio
Liebknechtgasse 32
1160 Wien


Opening hours

The Gym will be open from Nov. 2 - Dec. 4, Wednesday - Sunday.
Wednesday and Thursday 15:00 - 21:00
Friday and Saturday 15:00 - 23:00
(exhibition until 20:30)
Sunday 12:00 - 20:00
In addition, the exhibition is open on
Monday 21.11. and
Tuesday 22.11. from 15:00 - 20:00 in the
context of the Vienna Art Week.

How to get there

Trams 2 & 10
Stop Liebknechtgasse

On site

The Gym offers facilities for changing and safe storage of personal belongings. There are
yoga mats on site, but you are welcome to bring your own. Showers are not available.
Please bring sneakers and comfortable clothing.

Open House

The Gym is a place for all people. We do not accept any form of racism, sexism, exoticization
of bodies, fatphobia, misogyny, transphobia, or any other discriminatory behaviour.


The access is barrier-free. The exhibition and training area is accessible by stair lift and there
is a barrier-free WC. Accompanying persons receive free admission.


The visit of the exhibition and Mental Workouts is free admission. For the training and performance program The Gym offers different tickets: Single Tickets, Block of 5 and All-In Pass. Tickets are available online or on-site during opening hours.


There is limited capacity for Weekly Classes, Sunday Sessions and Performances. We recommend reservations via That way, you can be sure a spot in the training will be waiting for you.

Neighbourhood discount

Residents of Sandleitenhof receive a 20% discount on all ticket categories.

Single ticket  15 €

Participation in one session of your choice: Weekly Class, Sunday Session or Performance.

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Block of Five  50 €

Participation in five sessions of your choice: Weekly Class and/or Performance. This ticket is transferable and can be used by more than one person.

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All-In Pass  200 €

Unlimited participation in all sessions: Weekly Class, Sunday Session and Performance. This ticket is non-transferable and can only be used by one person

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The Gym is a production of partner in crime

Curator Exhibition
Petra Poelzl

Curators Trainings & Performance
Betül Seyma Küpeli, Johannes Maile, mirabella paidamwoyo dziruni

Technical direction
Mathias Lenz

Assistant Production
Larry Meyer

Exhibition Setup
Lukas Klestil 

Paula Marschalek

Emilia Smokova

fertig design GbR Berlin

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