TRANCE by Tianzhuo Chen at Live Art Festival Kampnagel

After more than 3 years of waiting and postponing, TRANCE, the new durational performance by Tianzhuo Chen will open this year’s edition of the Live Art Festival at Kampnagel Hamburg from June 2 – 4.
TRANCE is an ephemeral sanctuary, that merges ancient and contemporary movement traditions and storytelling into a rebellious act against cultural monotony and stereotypical interpretation. Over the duration of 9 hours and within 6 chapters, a community of performers, musicians and non-human agents hallucinate themselves into a state of trance, giving themselves up for the desire to overcome transience and linearity. Inspiration can be found in the term ksana, which is rooted in Buddhist mythology and names the shortest unit of time. The fraction of a second with the ultimate power to enable the total change in someone’s life. This newly formed community dissects that smallest unit of time, stretches the moment so that in perceived time it seems like a small eternity. While yearning for transcendence, they are opening up a hyper-charged kaleidoscopic universe, in which cultural ciphers collide, are mashed up and spitted out as globally informed rites and acts.
The audience is invited to become part of this energetic composition, to wander through states of exhaustion and joy; to follow the traces of the moving bodies, the pumping beats, the knocking drums and the sighing voices.

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