Final week of GGGNHM – Guggenheim in Innsbrooklyn?

Presented for the first time in 2020 in Floridsdorf, Vienna, GGGNHM is a temporary, walk-in sculpture and auratic conception of the New York Guggenheim Museum at the same time. In a playful way, GGGNHM suggests a subtle redesign of a public space that opens up the city of Innsbruck starting from the marketplace in all directions – all the way to New York.

As a temporary museum, GGGNHM will be “blown up” as a possible place of thinking and practicing in public space and will open its doors on May 06, 2022 with the weekly alternating program, in which all the shimmering levels of remembering, forgetting and disappearing will be outlined and the audience will be stimulated to vital engagement with the known, the unknown, the present and the past. Performances and concerts, which will be experienced both in and around the museum, draw the dialogue outward to make an open but not consistently played city square the compact interface of a diversity and the immediate city core for a scant 3 weeks.

Thus, the exhibition site itself becomes a work; the marketplace a dialogue between art space and public, art audience and market, skateboarders and musicians, professionals and students, Innsbruck residents and tourists, which is to be stimulated in advance. For the museum is sent on its way through the city in a packaged form to find its “place” and to involve individual city districts and a more multi-layered audience in the process of finding an art context. In this way, the stylistic device and the implementation of this work as a social sculpture on site can become a dialogue and the museum an interactive exhibition space in the public urban space and open up questions about how, for example, a marketplace can function as a central cultural space in the city and temporarily become the center of art in Innsbruck.

Detailed program

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