sPONGEbOBO šWAMMgODS by God’s Entertainment

Is it the subway, a busy cruise ship route, or another nuclear bomb test that makes the world tremble over our heads every three minutes? How many times do you have to repeat something before it means something else? How long before the bobos gentrify Bikini Bottom, too? Is everyone genderfluid underwater? How does an octopus kiss? What did Bruce Lee mean when he said be water my friend? When will someone finally understand what really good art is? And why is it so hot here?

Questions about questions, for which God’s Entertainment (aka šWAMMgODS) dives into the absurd-dadaistic bubble of the world-famous cartoon series Spongebob Squarepants to get to the bottom of things. In their Bikini Bottom, not everything revolves around its own axis. Here identity politics are softened, here we are in a different climate zone. Here we are invited to recharge! After all, the šWAMMgODS are washed with all waters, when they subject themselves and the theater to a reality – check in front of or behind the fourth or fifth wall.

God’s Entertainment
31.3., 1.4. & 2.4.2022
Kunstbogen Wien 1060

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