True to the motto Ceci n’est pas une pipe by René Magritte, SUPER NASE & CO have realized more than 90 works in the series This is not…? realized. With SUPERNOSEUM, SN&CO create a new and self-created translation of the museum format, its design and a space to show existing and specially developed new works.

The works produced include performances, happenings, sculptures, photographic and video works as well as installations and create an extended system of reference: Iconic works by artists, preferably from the visual arts and performance art, are transported into the present and realized as an alienated extension in the sense of Marcel Duchamps. The subtle play with cultural and art-historical codes is used as well as the brute literal adoption and implementation or the transfer of works in relation to local and socio-political developments. 

The SUPERNOSEUM will open in Vienna from 16th – 26th of September at Zacherfabrik in the 19th district. In addition to the permanent exhibition, there will be concentrated performative performances from Thursday to Saturday.

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