Akemi Takeya at antistatic festival in Sofia

In LEMONISM x ACTIONISM Akemi Takeya confronts Actionism with her idea of “Lemonism”: She sets up a battle between the two concepts, adapts and re-enacts the strategies of Actionism. In Takeya’s cosmic and artistic world, “Lemonism” focuses on the body as material of “the I” including 72 items. It is a trial of finding a new perspective to present the body, which aims to reconstruct the way of the definition of the body. The presentation of this action through the 72 items re-identifies the body in a transfiguration – a multiple integration through action. The lemon becomes a metaphor and a vessel for transforming each of the 72 items, a means of imprinting or personifying nature itself. Flesh acts as flesh, juice for blood, cut for cut.

For further info and tickets check out the webiste of the festival.

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