Dear Mother | Liebe Mutter by Akemi Takeya @WUK

At the end of her performance ZZremix, Akemi Takeya speaks a letter to her mother as an audio recording on her mobile phone. After the introductory words “Dear Mother, dear mother…” it bursts out of her in a flood lasting several minutes. She screams, stammers sentences in different languages, sings fragments of songs that have accumulated over the decades and becomes a sounding board herself, in the truest sense of the word. Starting from this sequence, Takeya, together with the two musicians Peter Kutin and Moritz Nahold, develops her concert performance between language magic and noise: meditative and expressive, spiritual and analytical, always in search of the power inherent in every word, every sound.

20th of February at 9.30 pm at WUK Foyer. Pay as you wish.

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